The Extras (Extraterrestrials) are a group of people with plans to launch shuttles into orbit to live in. They appear in Extras.

Background Edit

They are based in the Rusty Ruins of Singapore where they collect metal and build their rockets. They have also been collecting metal from around the world and sending it using Mass Launchers. When Aya Fuse kicks a story mistakenly about the extras, She is pursued and kidnaped along with her friends. Udzir is of the main Extras in the book and is the one to kidnap everyone. He later gets invited to the 1000 faces party thrown by Nana Love where he receives some new recruits like Lai. 

Appearance Edit

Extras have gone under surgery to help with space life. They have extremely pale skin to help with Vitamin D production in a place with little sunlight. They have prehensile toes because a second pair of hands will be more useful in zero gravity than feet. They have wide set eyes because the first shuttles will be so small that normal depth perception isn't necessary. They use hoverball rigs set at zero-g to float around so they can learn to travel in a zero-g environment.

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