Moggle is Aya Fuse's hovercam.

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As a kicker, Aya needs a hovercam to record her stories. She spends a lot of merits to buy Moggle and then asks her brother's best friend, Ren Machino, to modify it enough so the little cam can fly fast enough to keep up with her hoverboard, but as a true tech-head Ren tricks it out with additional modifications such as waterproofing, shockproofing, and giving it enough hover-power to carry an Aya-size person.

Although true artificial intelligence is illegal, Moggle is "more than just a wedge of circuitry and lifters," since Ren's tinkering, and can learn Aya's favorite camera angles, can know when to pan and zoom, and can even track her eyes for cues. Moggle is roughly the size of half a soccer ball, sheathed in hard plastic, and has a bad habit of flashing its night-lights in her eyes.

For a long while, Moggle is Aya's only friend. When the Sly Girls lock it down and drop it to the bottom of a cold, underground lake, Aya cares about its safety enough to plunge down to the silty lake bed herself to rescue it, with Ren's help. She then paints Moggle in black camouflage so the Sly Girls won't see it darting around taking photos of them.

Moggle's nearly spotted, however, when the Girls break into a mountain through a secret door. It inadvertently leads them to an airlock and while the Girls are busy exploring it, Aya secretly uses her eyescreen to see from Moggle's point of view. Moggle, outside and at the top of the mountain, has a perfect view of an unscheduled train headed straight for them.